AU REVOIR 2016, HOWDY 2017! 

Posted on December 1, 2016 by janinewilson 

As I sit here with two kittens in my lap (and they did indeed fall into my lap) to write y’all, I’m shocked at how quickly 2016 has sped by. Is that something that happens as we grow older or have we filled our days with a to do list that would frighten Martha, that time now flies at warp speed? Back in the beginning of the year I shared my goals for 2016 and I can tell you already without even looking at that list, I fell quite short. Things got in my way on a daily basis it seems, and I lost focus here and there. Merde happens, doesn’t it?! I have improved on guitar, begun writing new songs and made new musician friends. While I didn’t make it to Europe, I did take my mom on a trip to Vegas and LA where we were able to spend some nice time together. I didn’t get my garden under control mainly due to the fact that I threw old pumpkins out in the yard in the winter and a couple of them seeded, the vines went crazy and grew over everything. Bonus was I didn’t have to buy any pumpkins for Halloween! So a silver lining anyway… 

Many of you knew of my cat, Georges, a stray that showed up on my doorstep about 6 years ago.  I had decided that when Henri passed away that after Georges was gone (he passed away in March and I miss him like crazy), no more cats for me.  It was so heartbreaking to see them go.  Well, the Universe laughed good and hard in my face.  Two more strays showed up before Georges was gone – I think he was spreading the word – one of them had two kittens and before I could get her fixed, more kittens this August.  She has been taken care of now…  So instead of no cats, I have two pet kittens, Georgette and Francois.  Their mother, Maxine, their aunt, Chartreuse, and older brother and sister come and go.  And then there’s Asshole cat, so named by two of my former Airbnb guests.  AC shows up for meal times but is very rude to the other cats, hence the moniker. 

Losing my grandmother, Dorothy, in July, while not unexpected, was still upending in so many ways. She was 101 and I was lucky to have her in my life for so long. We didn’t always see eye-t0 and she could be a challenge (and I suppose she felt that way about me a time or two!) but I learned quite a bit from her and I’m grateful for all of the time she spent with me and my sister. I have many wonderful memories. When I was home for her birthday in June, I was practicing guitar in the living room and she and my aunt came in and I gave them a mini concert. My grandma referred to me as the girl with the pretty hair since she couldn’t always remember our names at that point. That was a bit strange for me, but she had 101 years of info crammed into her brain so if she forgot my name that was ok – my grandma was still there. Just over a month later she went to heaven to be with my grandpa, lasting 11 days instead of the 3 the doctors gave her after a stroke – still doing things her way! As I went through her things with my mom and aunt, we found some wonderful treasures. The best thing I uncovered were letters that my grandfather wrote to her while they were still in high school. Unfortunately, they were written in pencil so they are a bit faded though after reading through one of the sweetest letters, I saw a different, totally mushy side of my grandpa that I wasn’t privy to, of course. I think I’ll find some songs in there which will hopefully make it up to them for my reading his love notes! 

So as we say goodbye to 2016 and howdy to 2017, I’ll move the unmet goals to next year and get a head start this month and keep on keepin’ on. I wish all the best to each and everyone one of you and may you and yours have a wonderful holiday season filled with love and music!



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