I love vintage Christmas ornaments and paraphernalia, especially from the 1930s  and 1940s.  Those old balls just give me a thrill when I find them tucked away in boxes or on display in antique stores.  The one pictured here, I found in a Christmas store on a trip to Chicago with my Dad a million years ago.  I was immediately drawn to it since it was in French, and we all know that I love all things French, but what is it about objects from before our time? For me, it’s many things – the design, glitter (put glitter on just about anything and I’ll buy it!), cool factor but mostly I love to wonder where these things lived before my house and who loved them before me.  Oh, I wish they could speak and tell us all that they’ve seen.  What wonderful stories they must have and think of all the Christmases they were unwrapped and put on display. Tell me about  your favorite Christmas memory or tradition, and if you’d like to see more of my vintage Christmas, you can take a peek here on my Pinterest page… Much Love to y’all this Holiday Season!


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