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I’ve decided to share my gigantic 2016 to do list (or at least a chunk of it) because y’all have been such a great support system over the years – attending shows, buying CDs and being good friends –  I appreciate each and every one of you!  At first I was a bit gun-shy sharing these goals and dreams with you – what if something on my list doesn’t come to fruition or I just plain fail miserably?  Sometimes failing is a good thing and can lead to something even better so my list will ebb and flow and change, I’m sure. 

Putting dreams out into the world somehow makes them seem more attainable and when family and friends cheer you on, even more so. Those dirty dishes will have to wait!  Cleaning is one of my go to’s for procrastination or when fear starts creeping in (my house should be cleaner somehow!).  I’ve quite a lot of dishes, so here goes, and, to quote my old pals, A Month of Sundays, “Dream Big!”  Here is a smattering of goals… the list is too large and I don’t want to put you into a coma reading it all! 

Music goals 

Keep working on guitar everyday and maybe be as good as Max some day… it could happen! 
A tour of England and Ireland 
Find new and interesting venues in which to perform 
New videos 
Write new songs with Max and on my own, especially for my next album which will be called Ohio Girl. 
See more live music, especially new-to-me music 
Attend the AMA conference in Nashville 
Write and record 2-3 Christmas songs for a holiday EP 

General Goals 

Spend more time with family in Ohio and friends 
Go out and experience new things more – I used to go out all the time! 
Go to Germany and France in the fall with my niece 
Ride my bike more 
Get my garden under control and have fun doing it. 
Make new recipes from my small horde of cookbooks 
Be more on top of family birthdays, sending out Christmas cards, etc. – I like real letters/mail! 
Listen more 

Big Dreams 

Have songs licensed 
Record the CD and all that goes with that. 
Get my house painted! 
Be ridiculously organized.  Yes, I want to be Martha Stewart, Jr. 

Have any dreams you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them so post below… 

Big Dreams and Big Love,



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