Hey Y'all, 

This Saturday, July 10th John Rossman and I will appear at the Howard Avenue Park in Kensington, Maryland, across from the historic train station and farmer's market at 10 a.m. for a one hour concert!  Grab your favorite wake up beverage and join us, won't you?  We are so happy to be back after having missed this last year due to Covid, of course.  The support of the Kensington Historical Society and y'all is so appreciated! 

Unfortunately, due to a family emergency for one of the performers, our concert for The Acoustic Guitar Project this Sunday, July 11th has been cancelled.  We wanted to make sure that all of the artists would be able to participate so the concert will most likely be postponed to the Fall.  If you haven't explored all of the great songs from this year and past years, please check them out here! 

Road Trip alert!!   I am super excited that I am heading to the Big Apple next week to see one of my heroes, Bruce Springsteen, on Broadway!!  I've seen Bruce so many times, I've lost count but never in a setting like this.   I'll definitely report on that in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed I get to hear New York City Serenade - my all time fav Bruce song. 

Stay cool, safe and rock yer summer!   

Big love, 


Hey Y'all,

Spring has sprung all over the place, and I sure hope you and yours are doing well and starting to get a taste of normalcy here and there.  I have two gigs to report on - this Saturday's double header!  First, I will be performing solo at the Clarksville Commons Farmers Market in Clarksville, Maryland - come on out and support local music and businesses while we get back on our feet.  I've not performed solo but a few times so it's exciting and nerve-wracking and would love to see your smiling faces!

The next stop is the Ballston Quarterfest Crawl in Arlington, Virginia.

Big love,





Hey Y'all,

Arch Alcantara and I are back at Maryland Meadworks this Saturday, May 1st at 3 p.m. AND it's Derby Day!  Mint julep slushies made with mead will be available and wear your best Derby hat and garb.  I hear there will be prizes for the best dressed.  As always, the folks at MM have created such a fun atmosphere outside and it's always a blast.  Please join us!

Big love,





Hey Y'all,

The band is super excited to perform our first gig together this year on Saturday, April 17th at 7:30 p.m. and we're livestreaming on Facebook from my backyard! Thanks in advance for watching and supporting live music!

Big love,




P.S.  If you missed it, you can watch here:  JWB 4.17.21



Hey Y'all,

Gigs are slowly being booked and Arch Alcantara and I are excited to perform at Maryland Meadworks in Hyattsville.  So many reasons to love this!  It's about three minutes from my house, a super fun hang and tasty mead.  The Renaissance wishes it had these inventive flavors made with local honey!  Keeping safe and performing outside, please come and celebrate Spring and gigs with us. 

Big love,




The Barns at Hamilton Station! 


Hey Y'all, 

It's been a year and a week since I performed my last gig at a venue other than my backyard or bedroom stage!  I'm very excited that Arch Alcantara and I will be live and in person at The Barns at Hamilton Station on Saturday, March 20th, the first day of Spring!  Depending on the weather, we may be in or outside, but either way I'm happy and look forward to seeing you at 1 p.m. through 4 p.m.  The winery is so lovely and cozy and fabulous wines... it looks like we may still need a little red wine to warm our bones.  Spring is being a bit tentative this weekend.  Stay safe, warm, cozy and please drink responsibly or at least have a designated driver!  

 So, what else have I been up to since 3.13.20?  A few highlights… 

The song, Chain of Little Crimes, written by yours truly and Kevin Dudley was released in November everywhere you purchase or stream music.  It was also a finalist in the Americana category of the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

I took part in The Acoustic Guitar Project in December writing my very first solo song, or rather I should say, I finished my first solo song!  The pressure of having to write the song in a week and on a specific guitar will do that.  Hear the song and the story behind it, just scroll down to my photo and you’ll find everything there.  Please check out this year’s and past artists here.  It’s a treasure trove! 

We joined in the online music craze and had a few very fun shows from my backyard and porch which were streamed live on Facebook.  The last full band show was held in November and it was fantastic fun – a roaring fire pit and a few neighbors came to hang – socially distanced and masked, of course!  

A lot of bingeing of TV shows, especially British and Canadian murder mysteries – Murdoch Mysteries and Midsomer Murders – those quaint villages seem lovely but, man, two or three people die in an episode.  Is there anyone left?!  

A road trip to Tulsa for Thanksgiving and visit my best pal and fellow chanteuse, Cindy Cain. There was also a stop at the Uranus Fudge Factory in Missouri… no joke, the billboards don’t lie, it really exists! 

Continuing to work on songwriting with a partner or two and on my own…  

Pondering life and my dreams, hanging out more with my wonderful neighbors, (and two new babies to coo over), paring down, figuring out what's next and setting goals, freaking out about the future then calming down, taking winter naps with my kitties, Francois and Georgette.

Now with the first day of Spring a few days away, daffodils raising their lovely faces to the sun and the first gig in a long while, things are looking up, and I hope they are for you and yours!

A big 'ol thank you for your support and the support of live and local music! 

Big love, 





Mid-Atlantic Song Contest!



Hey Y'all!

I'm so excited to say that Kevin Dudley's and my song, Chain of Little Crimes, has been selected as a Finalist in the 37th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest!  Thanks to all of the hard work by the judges and a big ass Congratulations to all the Winners, Finalists and Honorable Mentions!  To see an entire list of winners, click here!

 Big love,





The Acoustic Guitar Project!


 Hey Y'all!

This past week, I took part in The Acoustic Guitar Project, a fun (and scary!) challenge to write a song in one week on a specific guitar.  After I completed my song, I had to then pass along the guitar to the next musician.  This experience was special for me as I had yet to complete an entire song on my own.  I've started plenty but up until now all of my songs were co-writes. I'm proud of myself for completing this challenge and to hear the song, please visit the site, scroll to find my photo and click on it where you'll see the video on the background of the song and the song itself.  I hope you enjoy listening!

Big love,




It’s a Rockin’ Holiday! 


Hey Y’all, 

It’s my favorite time of the year – Christmas and holiday performances!  I’m super excited about this Saturday night, December 14th, and getting to share a special holiday show with my pals, Billy Coulter and Tony Denikos at the Music Cafe in Damascus, Maryland!  I hear reservations are going fast so grab your seats before they are gone.  You can call 301-253-1500 to ensure a seat.  We’ll have a stellar band, too, with Max Evans, Arch Alcantara and John Shepherd and fun holiday songs.  Don’t forget your mistletoe!

To get you in the holiday mood, I have a little tune for you titled, Let’s Get Busy.  This is a real cuddle with your sweetie sort of song.  I penned this with my pal and pianist extraordinaire, David Sobel, based in the San Francisco area.  Another pal (I’m so lucky to have such talented friends!), Domenic Cicala, and I recorded a “dingle.”  What’s a dingle, you ask?  We did two songs so instead of a single… well, you guessed it, a dingle!  All I want for Christmas and Christmases When You Were Mine.   Christmas gifts from me to you!  

Happy Holidays, peace, love and joy!  

Thank you for supporting me and live music!  And please continue supporting the small, independent businesses, venues, and musicians.  We all rely on Y’ALL!  

Big love,



Hey Y’all,   

September has been a whirlwind so far!  Last Friday night I went to see The Detroit Cobras at Hill Country DC – what a super fun show that was – I highly recommend checking them out if you’ve never seen them – it was my first time and they did not disappoint!  Saturday the band performed at the Hyattsville Arts & Ales festival, and I was so grateful it wasn’t 105 degrees like the first year…then I hopped in my car and drove a little over three hours to Wintergreen, Virginia, to see a live, on the mountain, performance of The Sound of Music with some friends.   

My first ride on a ski lift and it was wonderfully hilarious to see a stray nun here and there riding the ski lift, too, until performance time.  How spectacular to see Maria run up the mountain singing, “the hills are alive…”  Everyone had beautiful voices.  The very handsome Captain Von Trapp just entered when it started to RAIN!!!!  A sprinkle at first but Mother Nature was mean and hateful and made it rain harder so the performance had to be stopped.  The crew waited 15 minutes to see if it would pass.  We entertained ourselves under a tent by starting our own sing-a-long with a bunch of folks and drinking wine.  15 minutes more… then we noticed folks getting on the ski lift back to the main building so the rest of the performance was cancelled.  Bummer, baby!  We went to a restaurant with our new-found friends and met Brad Pugh of Practically Einstein on his break from performing solo. He was great and made the evening better after being so disappointed.   

More wine, please!  This Saturday afternoon, Scott McKnight and I will appear at Slater Run Vineyards from 1 to 4 p.m.  This is my first time there so we’re really looking forward to being far outside the beltway for some peace and quiet and delicious wine.  Please join us – just make sure you have that designated driver, y’all! 



Hey Y’all,  

I’ve just about recovered from the super fun Hyattsville Porch Fest this past weekend where I hosted some wonderful performances by Ruthie Logsdon, Laura Baron, Siobhan O’Brien and Austin’s own Penny Jo Pullus!  

Hyattsville has it goin’ on with all kinds of events throughout the year and I’m proud to be a part of this festival showcasing the multitude of talent here in the ‘ville.  Not to mention the artists, and we have several distilleries and breweries and a meadery!!  No renaissance clothing is required unless you want to sport your favorite bustier or tights.  Come and drink (do not drive!! – have that Uber app all ready for when it’s time to toddle on home) and buy locally.  Check out Tanglewood Works, Vigilante, Franklin’s and so much more…. Yeehaw.  

The band and I will hit the stage at 1 p.m. sharp with music starting at noon with Trio Caliente and going until 6 pm!  See the entire lineup here… 

Rock on and big love, ya'll!



Hey Y’all 

It’s finally September and that means the Hyattsville Porch Fest is upon us.  I’m so excited to host a porch again this year!  Why, you ask?  Well, first of all I get to show off my new back porch that my super fabulous uncle Mike and my rent-a-husband Tim built for me earlier this year (I did help, too, with the runs to Home Depot and Lowe’s, chief beer-getter, and I was pretty handy with a power drill!).  Second of all, we have one stellar lineup for your listening pleasure.  My pal, Penny Jo Pullus, is jetting up from Austin, Texas, for the show.  If you’re interested in attending, please email me at janine@janinewilsonband.com for the address.


Stay cool, rock on and Big Love!

Tuesday, February 12th I’m very excited to be a special guest of Austin drummer, Ernie Durawa, at his weekly musical hang, Durawa Tuesdays, at El Mercado’s Backstage room!  (Ernie’s bio is no joke, y’all, give it a read) A great venue and fabulous musicians for me to perform with – what more could a girl ask for?!  Well, I can think of a few things… but this will do for now! 

Thank you for supporting me and live music!  And keep Austin (and everywhere) weird by supporting the small, independent businesses, venues, and musicians. 

Big Love,